Construction Benchmarking Software for Accurate Conceptual Estimating

Our construction benchmarking software is a web-based solution that has been designed to support organisations looking to enhance their pre-construction estimating capabilities; and gain important insights into how estimates compare to similar past projects. iTWO benchmark draws upon the clients’ data, creating a database of high-quality historical construction project information for detailed benchmark analyses and quick and accurate conceptual estimating. With all available data coordinated on a single web platform, users can access and utilise known information to produce conceptual and benchmark estimates with confidence wherever they are.

iTWO benchmark Estimating Software

Create Conceptual Estimates from Historical Data

Multi-level estimates are supported within iTWO benchmark through cost breakdown structures such as NRM1, Uniformat, MasterFormat and more; the system even allows user-defined structures to be adopted. Users can switch between multiple cost breakdown structures at any time, and dynamically expand the estimate to interrogate the costs at various levels.

The system also features a range of searchable Project Attributes that allow users to identify comparable projects to benchmark against or use as the basis for a conceptual estimate. Attribute properties can be edited to suit user needs, and up to thirty custom Attributes can be created to capture additional information for each project.

iTWO benchmark Estimating Software

Perform Functional Analysis and Comparison

Looking to price a 50,000 square metre multi-storey office building with basement car-parking in the centre of a city? iTWO benchmark allows users to view, compare and summarise key project information and metrics specifically tailored to the functional use of a project. All project types are supported, and the system includes dozens of templates for functional uses such as hospitals, offices, roads, railways and more.

iTWO benchmark Estimating Software


Adjust for Time and Location

Older data can be easily adjusted to reflect present-day or future costs through index factors. Users can also set and maintain location-based indices to account for differences in costs between regions, ensuring like-for-like comparisons are maintained.

iTWO benchmark Estimating Software

Integrate Seamlessly with iTWO costX®

iTWO benchmark has been designed to integrate with our flagship iTWO costX® estimating software, but can also support generic data imports, enabling it to be used as a standalone solution.

Any benchmarking system is only as good as the data within it, and iTWO benchmark makes it easy to develop extensive libraries of high quality data with direct imports from iTWO costX®, that can be further refined and supplemented with additional attribute information. Moreover, conceptual estimates prepared in iTWO benchmark can be easily exported to iTWO costX® for further development as more information and design details are provided.

iTWO benchmark Estimating Software



iTWO benchmark includes a range of customisable reports for displaying estimates and comparisons which can be previewed on-screen in the browser, or saved to PDF and other formats, for presentation to clients.

Simple and Powerful Benchmarking and Conceptual Estimating


Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

Because iTWO benchmark is 100% web-based, users can always access the data they need through any Internet-enabled device running any of the major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

And, you can rest assured that your data will remain safe and secure with the use of industry-standard SSL certificates with 2048-bit encryption.

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