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About Us

RIB Group: A Global Provider of Construction Solutions

RIB Software is a pioneering enterprise, committed to driving innovation in the construction and real estate industries. The company designs, develops, and offers integrated collaboration solutions and RIB technology, which is the world’s first Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution for the construction industry.

Since inception in 1961, RIB Software has explored and introduced new working methods and technologies to enhance construction productivity. Such approaches include cloud technologies, supply chain management and AI, all of which can play a significant role in digitising our industry as we move forward. RIB Software is headquartered in Stuttgart and Hong Kong, with over 2700 talents at work in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to create end-to-end value for the entire chain of a building project – from design and execution through to operation. RIB Software has availed itself of the world’s most modern technologies and created a revolutionary working method, which integrates 5D virtualised processes into physical construction.

The History of RIB CostX®

RIB CostX®, our flagship estimating software, first hit the market in July 2004. The platform allowed users to integrate CAD drawings into the estimating process, and stood above other options in the field due to support for bi-directional links between the estimate and the sections of the drawing represented. By tying measurements to the elements available in CAD drawings, we could provide users with efficiency advantages that they could not find elsewhere. RIB CostX® is now widely used to improve accuracy and efficiency in quantity surveying, construction, subcontracting and estimating, with businesses large and small making use of the software across a variety of applications. More than 16,000 software licences have been sold since the product’s initial launch, with sales made in over 90 countries worldwide.

RIB CostX® is available in a variety of configurations and feature levels, to suit all job requirements and budgets. Excel® integration is also available with our RIB CostXL platform, an additional product that allows users to live-link their RIB CostX® data directly into their Excel® workbooks. RIB also produce dxAPI, a software option which supports seamless integration of our flagship takeoff technology into external products.

We believe in educating the future generations of construction at RIB, as supported by our Educational Program. Complimentary RIB CostX® licences are available to eligible full-time tertiary students in estimating fields, with more than 80 institutions worldwide using our technology as part of their curriculum.

Web-Based Software Solutions Across the Value Chain

As a forerunner for industry digitalisation, RIB Software can offer a wide range of cloud solutions to enhance modern construction projects. One such option is RIB Benchmark, our fully web-based solution for benchmarking and conceptual estimating that was released in April 2019. The platform allows users to analyse their previous project data to create accurate conceptual estimates and project benchmarks at the earliest possible stage.

Complex project management processes can be streamlined with RIB CX, RIB’s innovative cloud software for intelligent collaboration and control. RIB CX integrates a variety of powerful modules to support every facet of your operations, from managing tenders and contracts to capturing work hours and data in the field. The SaaS platform has been widely implemented by major enterprises as an end-to-end project management solution, and is constantly evolving to suit the latest innovations and industry demands.

These two solutions, as well as our flagship RIB CostX® software, can be integrated as part of a bespoke MTWO Complete Construction Cloud. The MTWO enterprise platform helps construction managers to take the next step in their digital transformation through 5D BIM, big data and other next-generation technologies.

Running Together Toward Digitalisation

The worldwide RIB Group is comprised of many digital enterprises, all of whom have developed and released innovative software solutions for the global market. Products such as RIB CostX® were initially released under different names, before their owners sought to join together with RIB Software in support of the next evolution of construction.

Prior to June 2020, the RIB CostX® platform was known as CostX® and was released under the Exactal brand. Exactal’s RIB transition was precipitated in 2018, when the company became a 100% subsidiary of RIB Software SE. After improving global brand awareness and sharing insights with other innovative RIB Group companies, Exactal chose to officially align branding with RIB in mid-2020.

All companies within the RIB Group family share a collective commitment to ongoing product innovation and market awareness. Our products are regularly updated to provide new functionalities in response to client feedback and industry evolution. RIB Group team members include experienced product specialists who possess a comprehensive knowledge of how users engage with our products.

We’re passionate about what we do here at RIB, and our team are excited to help mould the next generation of estimating software. With 5D BIM growing in popularity and new digital technologies taking centre stage, we can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

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