3 Technologies and Tactics Tipped to Drive Construction Growth in 2019

2018 saw both evolution and revolution in terms of construction practices, and next year is shaping up to be a period of even greater digital transformation. Our industry has long been regarded as one of the slowest to embrace new methods, but this perception might be on the way out with more and more digital solutions being widely implemented.

For our latest blog post, we’ve taken a closer look at three concepts and practices that are expected to play important roles in the growth of our industry next year.

Data Ecosystems and Collaborative Software

Data is becoming king in the construction world. We’ve been hearing about the growing importance of data analysis in construction for years now, but 2019 will see even greater prominence. From an investment standpoint, major developers will focus heavily on interpretation of data. Expect to see improved data collection, integration of datasets with digital platforms and even the hiring of specialists who will take responsibility for data insights moving forward.

Platforms that allow for greater collaboration, in addition to storage and interpretation of complex datasets, will become commonplace for major developers in 2019. Efficiency throughout project phases is vital, and BIM-enabled platforms allow workers to collaborate on a single model with ease.

A common fear for major developers is investing funds in the wrong digital avenues, but the widespread implementation of data-driven solutions suggest that the benefits are clear for all to see.

Modular Construction and Prefabrication

Modularisation is nothing new for our industry, but the practice of building components off-site is growing in popularity in a landscape defined by cost efficiency and sustainability.

Prefabrication often produces less onsite waste, and a higher degree of quality control is theoretically possible because work is conducted in a controlled environment. Lean construction has become a key consideration for developers in recent years, and the financial advantages of intelligent prefabrication are getting harder to ignore.

The scope of modular construction has grown too – it’s now common to see everything from exterior walls to complete bathroom fit-outs built in a factory and delivered on-site for installation. The prefabrication industry is widely tipped to grow year-on-year, and we anticipate more intelligent modular solutions to come to light in the near future.

Wearable Technologies for Safety and Efficiency

Wearable technology growth in greater society is tipped to soar in coming years, and we expect to see construction follow this trend. The technologies tie into the data gathering processes mentioned above, but the potential applications go far beyond information storage. Smart glasses, smart clothing and sensors are being utilised for accident prevention, emergency response and even improved productivity. Wearable technology suppliers have been working on solutions that are both user-friendly and practical for a variety of applications across the industry.

Technologies such as smart glasses can relay real-time information directly from the field to project managers, allowing for an immediate response to safety concerns and improved communication all-round. By giving workers immediate access to relevant and up-to-date information, avoidable oversights and rework will likely be less common on construction sites of the future.

For these reasons, wearable tech will be seen as a valuable investment in an industry looking to improve productivity across multiple levels.

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As mentioned above, advanced and collaborative software is vital for project efficiency, both in terms of scheduling and cost considerations. In an industry that is moving clearly towards digitisation, those persevering with older software solutions are at risk of getting left behind.

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