iTWO cx A New Generation of Project Management

A New Generation of Project Management: How iTWO cx Can Enhance Your MTWO Enterprise Solution

In April 2018, RIB Software launched a revolutionary software platform that integrated more than 100 powerful modules, all within a bespoke construction cloud supplied by Microsoft Azure. Almost two years have passed since this launch, and the MTWO Complete Construction Cloud offering has evolved further during this time as an all-in-one 5D BIM management solution.

RIB Software recently wrote a comprehensive blog post that explores the value of MTWO as a tool for digitalisation in 2020 and beyond. The post discusses the 5D BIM platform’s potential for project lifecycle management, covering planning, building and operation phases.

The power of MTWO lies in scalability and potential for customisation. The MTWO Marketplace showcases all of the RIB Group products that can be selected to enhance your MTWO solution, depending on the needs of your enterprise.

iTWO cx, our valuable tool for intelligent project management and control, is one such product. We have explained below why MTWO users should select iTWO cx for implementation within their enterprise solution.

The Value of iTWO cx Within the MTWO Complete Construction Cloud

Our iTWO cx software can now be deployed as a key component of MTWO, to support end users striving for enhanced project management. iTWO cx can be utilised to ensure all data can be tracked effectively from a single source of truth. End users can search and retrieve data from within iTWO cx and link it to various project elements, ensuring quick access to the information needed to make progress.

Decision-makers who choose to implement iTWO cx within MTWO can extend the reach and document management capability of their platform. Documents received from external stakeholders via iTWO cx can be linked to relevant iTWO 4.0 estimates, project elements or schedules. This coordination can be maintained to ensure updated revisions are also linked when added. Likewise, internal documents can be pushed out to external recipients via iTWO cx and tracked through the relevant approval workflow, to ensure users have a clear record of what has been sent where.

Additional iTWO cx modules such as Tenders and Contract Administration can also be linked via bid submission input or budget synchronisation in MTWO.

Build a Bespoke Enterprise Solution with the MTWO Marketplace

Additional details about the suite of available products can be found at the MTWO Marketplace website.