iTWO costX A Unique Opportunity for QS and Estimating Professionals

Training for Tomorrow: A Unique Opportunity for QS and Estimating Professionals

Property downturns and industry uncertainty are nothing new for those who work in construction. Ours can be a volatile sector, no matter your global location.

With office spaces across the world now closed, there has been a significant change to the way we collaborate and do business. As of late April 2020, QS and estimating professionals still fortunate enough to be working will likely be fully adapted to remote workflows. Perhaps we found the switch easier than professionals in other industries, due to the nature of our work. Surveyors and estimators are required to be analytical, thorough and detail-oriented; all important characteristics for setting up schedules and boundaries when working from home.

If at all possible, those working remotely should allow for some research time in their newly established workflows. This situation may enforce a reset for many enterprises, who will have to adapt their offering and tactics in light of industry shifts. Those that make the right calls at the right time could establish a big competitive advantage over their industry rivals.

We might even find ourselves performing different tasks within our roles until the construction economy re-adjusts. As such, it’s a good idea for QS and estimators to fill any gaps in their expansive knowledge while they have the chance.

Continuing Professional Development for Our Industry

Quantity surveyors worldwide have different requirements for fulfilling their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations. While staying up to date with trends and best practice is vital in our rapidly-changing landscape, surveyors often have no choice but to leave their obligations until late in the year. With many professionals currently working reduced hours, now might be the ideal time to get a head-start on your 2020 training quota.

Online webinars and sessions are a great option while working from home, especially given so many upcoming seminars and conferences have been postponed or cancelled. Many professional QS bodies are offering free online resources to members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an example, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is giving RICS professionals and APC candidates free access to online CPD until the end of July. This includes a variety of digital conferences, online seminars, virtual training courses, eLearning and more. If you are a member of a professional body with CPD or other requirements to fulfil, don’t forget to check their website to see what resources they have on offer during this time.

Seize the Moment and Upskill With CostX® Online Training Options

Exactal has launched several new training options recently, to aid our CostX® clients as well as those hoping to learn more about our software. A weekly CostX® Live Webinar series is now in full swing, with registrants able to participate in free sessions conducted by our worldwide network of CostX® Product Consultants. Each webinar covers a different CostX® functionality, with everything from remote project collaboration to estimating with 5D BIM explored so far. To view previous webinar recordings or register for upcoming sessions, please visit this link.

This WFH period is also a great opportunity for new and long-term CostX® users to hone their expertise with the platform. Exactal is now offering Web-Based Training Centre sessions for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and North America, available at half the price of the in-person Training Centre sessions conducted pre-pandemic. These full-day sessions are conducted fully online by local CostX® Product Consultants with strictly limited class sizes, and give attendees the chance to delve deep into the CostX® platform. Take a look at our Bookings page for more details. Discounts are on offer for private web-based training as well.

If you prefer to complete training on your own terms, our established CostX® Online Training courses are also available. These self-paced courses cover a variety of different topics through interactive exercises, videos and assessment tasks. Plus for new potential clients, we have a range of other free resources to help you implement our technology into your business.

To enquire about these offers or to learn more about what our software can do for your business, why not reach out to your local Exactal office today?