Ahead in the Cloud: Why Construction Estimators are Embracing Hosted Services

Our evolving industry has seen a great deal of new technologies rise to prominence in the last few years, as we strive to break new ground in efficiency and output. Currently, for quantity surveying and estimating professionals, one of the most transformative innovations is cloud compatibility.

Cost consultants are opting for cloud software solutions that enable seamless collaboration, reliable performance and business agility. These alternatives to traditional licencing models are proving popular for businesses planning to scale up quickly as our industry continues to grow.

For our latest blog, we have examined some of the key advantages of managed cloud hosting for those looking to make the most of their construction estimating software.

Flexibility and Scalability

In 2022, it can be hard to predict exactly what is beyond the horizon for your business, no matter what industry you find yourself in. For this reason, enterprise owners are increasingly choosing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment that mitigates the risk of making purchases that the business doesn’t end up needing.

With modern cloud solutions, it’s a simple process to upscale your service as business needs evolve. This flexibility creates peace of mind for business owners trying to make the right decisions on resources.

In the case of cost consultancies, upscaling might mean securing an additional software licence as your team grows, an increase in Virtual Machine resources to support higher workloads on projects, or other upgrades that can be quickly applied.

A Collaborative Environment for Cost Consulting

Modern construction project teams are highly collaborative, and cloud technology makes it easier than ever for professionals to work together efficiently. Remote working is easily facilitated, with many construction project teams now composed of professionals from across the globe. It is now commonplace for cost consultants to collaborate with engineers, contractors and other stakeholders in a hosted environment.

Cloud workflows unlock the potential of Building Information Modelling, with multiple team members able to contribute to a project concurrently. The risk of working from outdated file versions is eliminated, while there is no need for time-consuming and cumbersome file transfer.

BIM in the cloud allows for early-stage clash detection, helps to avoid costly bottlenecks and allows all parties (including estimators) to offer their valuable insights with transparency. When deployed in the cloud, all-in-one platforms such as iTWO costX® also allow a team of quantity surveyors or estimators to work together at once to tackle challenging deadlines.

Simplicity and Security

By utilising an outside business (such as RIB) to handle the IT hosting and infrastructure for your construction software, you can concentrate fully on achieving your business goals. Within a managed cloud environment, you won’t have to deal with manual software updates, performance checks or other technical considerations that can hinder your team’s focus.

As for data protection, robust security is an inherent strength of intelligent cloud infrastructure. Security monitoring is a full-time responsibility of cloud host companies, who are well versed in what is required to encrypt and protect client data. Leading cloud providers will also have intelligent disaster recovery plans in place to support your business continuity in case there are any incidents. The same can’t be side for files that are stored locally on an office workstation, where corrupted files or system malfunction may result in vital data being lost completely.

Comprehensive Cloud Options from RIB Software

RIB’s leading iTWO costX® solution is now available in a variety of cloud deployment methods to suit businesses of all sizes.

Organisations can get started with a fully managed, RIB-hosted cloud environment that utilises Microsoft Azure technology, with all of the iTWO costX® features you know and love available in a reliable cloud deployment. This scalable and flexible option is widely available across the globe, with businesses able to reduce IT expenditure and manage their own licence allocations easily.

Self-hosted cloud options for iTWO costX® are also available through platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, by way of technologies including Amazon AppStream and Citrix Virtual Apps or Desktop. Those who are just looking to use the cloud for iTWO costX® file storage are well catered for too, with native support for Amazon AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and Box all available. For more on the cloud options available with our fully integrated software, check out our dedicated iTWO costX® cloud webpage.

If you’re considering transferring your existing iTWO costX® licences to the cloud, you’ll be pleased to know that all licence types are compatible. To discuss your options, feel free to contact your local RIB team today!