An Introduction to ConnectX: Our Efficient and Powerful Project Collaboration Platform

You may have seen recently that we’ve added a new product to our website called ConnectX. But what’s it all about?

ConnectX is our intelligent project management solution designed to suit every aspect of your construction operation. Users of our industry-leading CostX® software have been asking for a project management platform that integrates seamlessly, and ConnectX will allow for even greater control of workflow and communication.

Whether teamed with CostX® or used as a standalone platform, ConnectX features a range of smart modules to help streamline the entire lifecycle of your building operation. For this post, we’ve gone in depth on some of the key features that project managers can leverage for maximum efficiency.

Reliable Knowledge Transfer, Thanks to a Secure Central Sharing System

ConnectX has been designed with collaboration at its core – our web-based platform is purpose-built to deliver relevant information to all stakeholders involved in the construction process. Construction managers, estimators, sub-contractors and more can all work simultaneously to ensure all jobs are progressing as smoothly as possible.

Users can set access levels within ConnectX, ensuring that every person who uses the platform is only exposed to the information relevant to their job – naturally, a construction manager’s access to a shared account will be higher than that of a sub-contractor.

ConnectX features a forum-based communication system that eliminates the barrage of back-and-forth emails often seen on major construction projects. This allows for real-time communication and team synchronicity – the system lets you easily find specific messages, and account managers can track and record all user activities. This includes views, field changes, statuses, due dates, notification delivery receipts and a whole lot more. This potential can be useful for keeping track of performance schedules and for dispute resolution.

Optimise Project Delivery With Customisable Documents and Reports

It’s no secret that the lifecycle of your construction project can be fraught with unexpected revisions, scheduling conflicts and other issues. These setbacks often make it necessary for managers to sort through a series of emails and physical documents to find the information they need. This can stall the efficiency of a project and cause frustration if not properly managed.

ConnectX contains a powerful Document Management module which keeps all necessary information in one place through a remotely accessible cloud-based system.

Project managers can control participant access by imposing restrictions on who can read, issue and update specific documents – ConnectX will keep a record of all interactions that take place for future reference. These documents can be previewed and marked up in both our browser or mobile apps, with revisions identifiable upon upload thanks to automatic updates.

ConnectX also offers a comprehensive reporting tool that allows project managers to track activity and maintain security. Amendments, downloads and distribution can be monitored to ensure all aspects of your project remain on track. The aesthetic appearance and format of the documents and reports you produce can be endlessly customised, depending on the preference of your team and your clients.

Manage Contracts and Defects With Ease

As a complete project management solution, ConnectX features advanced administrative options for contracts and defect management. These modules are optional depending upon the needs of your business, but both carry significant potential for project control and transparency.

With regard to contract administration, ConnectX allows users to create budgets drawn from estimates and add contracts against relevant line items. Costs can be broken down into numerous line items, and contract securities such as retentions can be imposed for peace-of-mind.

Every line item will have a full audit history, where activities such as progress claims, payment certificates, contract variations and budget transfers can be viewed. Contractors can even enter their claims directly into ConnectX, with the system automatically generating payments upon approval.

As for defect management, vital information can be shared in real-time and users can set accountability and accuracy measures as they see fit. Images of defects can be easily uploaded, marked up and linked to ensure a response is expedited. Contractors tasked with defect management can access their own portal on-site using our app to remotely update the status of the issue.

The role-based ConnectX dashboard provides up-to-the-minute defect data, including performance statistics and status updates. Users can even access a complete history of defects associated with a project, to determine when issues were recorded and rectified.

Call Now for a Free ConnectX Demonstration

We’ve only scratched the surface of what is available to users who choose to take advantage of the ConnectX platform. The software can be tailored to suit the needs and growth projections of your business – those who take the time to learn the significant potential are repaid with greater efficiency and a competitive advantage when it comes to setting project budgets and deadlines.

Exactal provides comprehensive training options to ConnectX users looking to expand their skillset. Those who want to see firsthand how ConnectX can improve the efficiency of their major building projects can contact us today for a free demonstration.