iTWO costX Comparison Reports for Revisioning

iTWO costX® Consultant Series: Comparison Reports for Revisioning

For our latest blog post, Middle East Senior Consultant Herman van Eeden has explored an iTWO costX® feature that can help with the revisioning process.

In light of the recent changes that have been enacted for our brand, it got me thinking about some of the common changes that happen in construction, especially regarding design. Revisions are a very familiar subject among most construction professionals across the globe, and are especially relevant in the Middle East where Lump Sum contracts are the order of the day.

iTWO costX® revision workflows have been extensively covered in some of our other content, both for 2D drawings and 3D models. However, a very handy tool with regard to our report writer is to display the changes side by side and compare revisions to easily identify what has changed. iTWO costX® keeps track of these revisions, and you can compare your current revision to any of your previous versions; it’s really just a case of displaying the data that is already there.

To demonstrate this, we will start with a standard report template that we have on the system called ‘Elemental Summary L1’ and create a copy of it, renamed as ‘Comparison Report’.

Then, we proceed to edit the settings as shown below.

When the report is generated, we have the option to compare it to any of the previous revisions. In the below example, I’m comparing to version ‘1. Initial’.

Once setup, you will be able to view a side-by-side report to indicate the changes that have happened to the quantity as well as the total, as per the choices of columns we made originally. You can obviously spend a little more time on it to further refine the formatting and layout as required.

This report functionality is yet another option available to iTWO costX® users for effectively tracking the progress of revisions. For those working on multiple projects against tough deadlines, this kind of management potential is invaluable.

To learn more about our Auto-Revisioning capability or any other features of iTWO costX®, feel free to reach out to your local RIB office today!