iTWO costX Organising and Filtering Lists

iTWO costX® Consultant Series: Organising and Filtering Lists

For our latest blog post, RIB’s Auckland-based Product Solutions Director Tony Shaw has covered some helpful tips and tricks for interrogating your iTWO costX® data more efficiently.

Often the simplest, smallest things can have a big impact on your day-to-day working. One such example with our software is organising and filtering lists, so you’re able to quickly focus in and find what you are looking for. In iTWO costX®, this applies from the moment you log-in and are presented with the dialogue showing all Building files that exist in the database.

By default, this appears as a list in seemingly random order, however, if you look closely, you’ll see a triangular symbol to denote which column it is being sorted by, and whether that sort is ascending or descending.

Simply clicking on any column header sets that column as the basis of sorting the list, while clicking on the triangle toggles between ascending and descending order.

What many (most) users may not know is that filtering can be applied to any of the columns. By pointing the mouse at a column header, the funnel symbol appears. Click on it and start typing, and the focus will dynamically ‘jump’ to the closest match allowing you to quickly select it to filter the list and find that target building.

Not only this, but hidden in plain sight above the grid is a hint that advises that you can drag a column heading into that area to organise the list accordingly.

This functionality is available in many of the lists shown in iTWO costX® where, often, there are also more hidden columns that you can choose to view, group and sort by. Wherever you see the asterisk or snowflake adjacent to the column headers, it means that there are more columns to choose from.

In the Dimensions list for example, there are an array of options which, if they are checked to appear in the grid, can then be used to perform complex groupings and associated sorting.

The above aren’t the only examples of helpful list filtering in our software. Keep a look out for the triangles, funnels, snowflakes or asterisks that can help you to find and interrogate your iTWO costX® data faster, smarter, and more accurately.

To learn more about extensive file interoperability available with iTWO costX®, feel free to reach out to your local RIB office today!