iTWO costX Why is Software Training Needed?

Why is Software Training Needed?

Too often, we come across people that purchase our software, and then expect to be able to use it straight out of the box. When they can’t, they become frustrated and can sometimes give up. This is almost always because of a lack of training and understanding as to how the software works. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the software is hard to learn. Think about buying a car- you need to know how to actually drive it otherwise it’s just going to sit in your garage.

Don’t hold off on training because it costs money or will take time. With any new software, it’s going to take ten times longer to try and learn it yourself than it will be to get proper training.If you spend time learning the software via trial and error, or bothering a business colleague with an endless amount of questions, by the time you’re up to the standard that you will be if you just invested in a course, you will have lost so much time and money that you end up worse off. So it is worthwhile investing money and time in the beginning to ensure you’re up to speed as quickly as possible.

Learning something new in work or life always carries with it a number of challenges. Without the knowledge to use new software, employees can easily get extremely frustrated, and it can cause additional stress in the workplace. Staff who cannot use a system to carry out their job as required will be less efficient and less motivated. They may even leave, which will cost time and money in recruiting efforts. Giving your staff adequate training will ensure that they can make their job easier and more efficient. For all these reasons, it is crucial that you invest in training before you and/or your employees can be highly proficient and successful utilising new technology.

Exactal offers a range of training options available. We primarily offer four standard courses; Introduction to CostX for the new starters (or even as a refresher for a long time user!), plus three advanced courses: Advanced CostX, BIM & 3D Measurement & CostX Custom Reports.

The three main options for training include:

– Online Training gives users two months access to the chosen course, which is completed through our online training centre. Each module is demonstrated on a video and the corresponding exercises are also supplied as written instructions. Please click here for more information.

– Day training sessions are held periodically at training centres in various locations (predominately in Australia and the UK); this involves a day of going through the same modules as in the online training, but with one of our qualified Product Specialists. These sessions are set (generally every 3-4 months) and the courses on offer are rotated (although we always offer Introduction to CostX training). The sessions will hold up to eight people but do need a minimum of three to run. To check available dates and make bookings, visit this page.

– Private training at your office is available for up to eight people with one of our qualified Product Specialists. The modules covered are still standard, but there is more of an opportunity to ask questions relevant to your requirements. To find out more, contact the sales team here.

There are also a number of free resources that come with the program. The training section on our website has video tutorials on a variety of subjects and can be accessed here. You can also access documentation in our client portal Techweb, such as manuals, guides and flowcharts. The Introductory and Advanced manuals can be found in the installation files of the program and the CostX Help feature can be accessed within the program when you have it open. We also post monthly videos in our CostX Coffee Break Classroom. Posted on the last Wednesday of each month, the sessions are run by Exactal and focus on certain aspects of the CostX program. To view these, click here. Of course, paid training backed up with these free resources is always recommended to ensure the most thorough understanding.

With proper software training on your side, there is no reason why you shouldn’t easily be able to tackle your projects within CostX. If you’re wanting to know more about CostX training, contact our sales team here.