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Time-Saving Tips for CostX®: Creating Templates Using Sample Files

Each month we will be asking Exactal Product Specialists about time-saving tips and features within CostX® that allow users to work as efficiently as possible. For this blog post we spoke to Herman van Eeden, who works from Exactal’s Dubai office as a dedicated Product Specialist.

It is quite common when commencing with CostX® to not be sure exactly where to start. With such a wide scope of functionalities and training options to explore, your initial hours with our platform could seem a little daunting. Pair this with existing structures and templates and you could quickly have a mess on your hands.

It is definitely worthwhile to consider using sample files for template purposes when getting started with CostX®. Using complete files of this nature can give you an ideal platform when learning about specific features.

Exactal package several sample files with CostX®, which can be found at the below location (do note that you may have to click on ‘Program Files’, then click on the bar and overtype it to read ‘ProgramData’ and hit Enter).

Within this folder, you will find a range of example files pertaining to specific CostX® features:

Alternatively, you can find a ‘Shortcut to Samples’ under Exactal in the Windows Start Menu as shown below, which will take you to the same location.

These samples can be directly imported into CostX®, or else used as a guideline to manipulate existing Excel files into CSV format for CostX®. This allows for seamless integration of existing data into our software.

This can also be utilised for importing CSV files under System Administration as well as direct import for Dimension Groups from CSV, both of which are shown below.

Each of the sample files in question can help slash the time you spend setting up your commonly-used templates. The Sample Commercial Price File found in the Rate Library folder is a great example, as it provides a simple but comprehensive library that can be updated with rates that are relevant to your own circumstance.

If you take the time to set these templates up properly early in your CostX® journey, they may prove to be a useful reference point as you become more experienced.

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