Welcome to our Exactal Blog!


Hey There! Welcome to our new blog.

Did you know global construction will outpace GDP growth over the next 10 years? That’s right, Oxford Economics estimates that nearly $100 trillion will be blown into global construction over the next decade – with the sector expanding at an astounding rate of 5.2 percent yearly!

The potential of the market can be depicted as an untapped gold mine – it is natural to want a bite (or two) of the trillion-dollar pie. With opportunity comes success, yet it is inevitable through the course of natural selection for the evolving organizations to end up on top, while others struggle just to scavenge the crumbs.

Opportunities solely award those who are prepared. Through this social hub we will do the preparation work for you to help aid your evolution. From market insights to technological advancement, from global conferences to protocol updates, we will share key pieces of information to streamline your business into the future.

Just to give you a little background info – Exactal are the makers of CostX®– one of the fastest growing and most recognised names in the takeoff & estimating software industry. This blog aims to empower and equip you with insights and intel to help you keep in sync with the construction paradigm shift.

We only ask of you to be accepting and embrace the changes up ahead!