iTWO-costX-All-In-One Estimating Solution

Why Now Is the Time to Switch to an All-In-One Estimating Solution

Efficiency is key in the age of digital transformation, with quantity surveyors and estimators dealing with difficult deadlines all too often. Despite this, many professionals are still juggling multiple different software platforms as they work to deliver their Bills of Quantities and conceptual estimates.

Those who persevere with point solutions may not be aware of the many benefits offered by all-in-one platforms. In general, productivity can be boosted as switching back and forth between programs is negated, compatibility clashes will become a thing of the past, and general workflows can be streamlined and simplified within a singular solution.

In this blog, we will outline several of the benefits that cost consultants can expect when they make the switch to an all-in-one platform.

Eliminate Time-Consuming and Repetitive Processes

Takeoff is traditionally a time-consuming endeavour, but processes have come a long way since the days of the trusty scale ruler.

In 2022, it’s possible to takeoff and record complex measurements with a single click, with this data then live-linked to a spreadsheet-based workbook to form the basis of your estimate. Intelligent workflows can be setup to streamline the revisioning process too, to save you the effort of re-measuring the entirety of a new version that is 98 per cent identical to the old one.

This smart automation can even extend to the accurate bulk counting of similar drawing objects (such as every light fitting in an apartment complex). In a challenging project environment, it makes sense to eliminate as many time-consuming manual processes as possible, so you can apply your earned expertise where it matters most.

Reduce Risk of Copy-Paste Errors

Many QS/estimators opt to use Microsoft Excel® to store the takeoff they have measured manually or in a separate digital program. While this can work effectively, there is always a risk of copy-paste errors or oversights that may compromise your deadlines.

Platforms such as iTWO costX® utilise built-in workbooks for building estimates, where takeoff can be automatically live-linked to the workbook in real-time. This not only slashes the time once spent copy-pasting, but it’s also a handy reference; if looking at a specific data point in your workbook, you can instantly navigate back to the drawing to see the origin of that measurement.

Unlock the Collaborative Potential of BIM

The rising uptake of Building Information Modelling has changed the face of our industry, with many ambitious projects delivered with the help of complex modelled environments. In 2022, leading all-in-one construction platforms offer advanced BIM compatibility to aid cost consultants who are involved in the design process.

As an example, iTWO costX® supports BIM exports from all major 3D design packages, such as Revit®, Tekla®, Microstation®, SketchUp® and more. This extensive file compatibility, coupled with the platform’s many supported measurement techniques, makes it simple for QS and estimators to provide their input in a BIM environment at short notice. A free, read-only iTWO costX® viewer can also be downloaded by stakeholders who wish to evaluate your work.

Industry-wide BIM standards and resources are constantly improving, and it is integral that cost consultants continue to build their BIM knowledge as we move forward.

Invest in an Evolving and Future-Proof Platform

Enterprise software solutions offered by forward-thinking companies are constantly developed to suit the latest needs of the industry. New workflows and improved integration between modules are regularly delivered to help clients further improve their workflows.

As a QS or estimator, this allows for improved flexibility that static point solutions cannot deliver. Being able to start and finish your workflows in the same platform (from receiving files through to delivering an estimate), allows you to see the bigger picture and eliminate inefficiencies without compromising on accuracy. It is also worth noting that managing all-in-one software is often simpler and more affordable, as you can plan for a single fixed cost. With point solutions, it is more difficult to predict when you will need an upgrade and what outlay you can expect at that time.

Choose iTWO costX® for All-in-One Takeoff and Estimating

Make 2022 the year when you unify your processes and invest in an all-in-one software solution!

RIB’s iTWO costX® solution is an industry-leading example, featuring 2D/3D BIM takeoff alongside integrated spreadsheet-based workbooks, auto-revisioning, subcontractor comparison, a custom report writer and much more.

The platform is used by QS and estimators in over 90 countries across the globe, and new users can count upon timely product support from RIB’s worldwide offices. To find out more, feel free to contact your nearest RIB office today!