Exactal Launches CostX 2.10

Exactal is proud to announce the launch of CostX® 2.10.

screen shotThe latest version of CostX® continues to improve and automate the costing of measurements from CAD drawings. This new release completes the full introduction of CostX®‘s powerful revision mode, in which dimensions can be easily adjusted on-screen to reflect updated drawing revisions. Now CostX® is truly able to ensure every measurement is only taken once and that the link between previous revisions of source documents is maintained accurately regardless of the format supplied. As an example, initial budgets might be taken off a faxed copy of the drawing. When the electronic version is subsequently supplied, existing measurements are updated to reflect the new drawings whilst still maintaining the links to the old measurements.

CostX® now also incorporates full, user defined reporting and all previous reports, as well as a number of new ones, are supplied with the product. Users can now change the standard reports to suit their individual requirements, including using their own logos, or generate new reports on demand. Reports may also be output to PDF or other electronic formats to truly enable e-2-e processing of drawings into costings.

This version also introduces the concepts of zones which enables the user the further divide dimension groups across time or space. For example the user can now take different measurements according to each phase of a project and then generate different workbooks to reflect that phase.

On the measurement extraction side, CostX® introduces other improvements including the ability to view drawings on white or black backgrounds, full control over drawing text and hatching display as well as support for hardware accelerated graphics. Other improvements include general speed and usability improvements in response to requests from our growing customer base.

Combined with the existing features of CostX, version 2.10 provides valuable enhancements and maintains Exactal’s innovative edge for delivering software solutions for the estimating professional.

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