Educational licenses now available in Australia

Exactal is proud to announce the launch of a new educational licensing scheme for Australian students. Under the introductory scheme, full time students will have access to Exactal CostX® free of charge for the duration of 2005.

“Exactal recognises the great value in making the latest estimating technology fully accessible to today’s students.” says Exactal CEO, Mark Kefford. “We are offering students who are currently studying in the estimation and construction fields a head start with access to state of the art estimation software that will promise a competitive advantage when entering tomorrow’s job market — without the price tag that educational software often attracts.”

Even though the product was only recently released, the fully functional educational licenses are already in use as part of two units at the Queensland University of Technology. Students enrolled in the Construction Management and Quantity Surveying courses are now learning where the industry is headed and will be better prepared to meet the needs of their future employers.

CostX® is recognised by industry leaders as a powerful step forward in estimation technology and is currently being integrated into educational curricula by a number of leading universities.

Australian students may apply for free educational software licenses at
http://techweb.exactal.com/educational/ or learn more about CostX® at http://www.exactal.com/en/costx/