Exactal Releases New Major Revision Of CostX®

Exactal is pleased to announce the release of CostX® 2.50.

The CostX® 2.50 is a new major release and incorporates full networking capabilities. Using this new release multiple users can be working concurrently on the same building with each user seeing the other users changes. The release also includes several new features and significant speed improvements since the 2.23 release.

The networking version includes the following features:

    • New Network licensing system which is used in conjunction with CostX® Server
    • Basic user level security
    • Ability to lock a building against a user. Only the user or a CostX® System Administrator can unlock the building
    • New dimensions appear instantly on the screen of all other users viewing the same building

Dimension Group totals update automatically when measurements are taken by other users

  • Changes made by other users to workbooks appear automatically including updated totals
  • Multiple users can work in different parts of the same workbook and receive each others edits automatically
  • Added 10 additional user columns making 20 now available in reports
  • Full support for Revit DWF exports


There is also a completely new database engine in 2.50 which provides much faster access database access across all functionality and supports our new client/server base.

Existing customers with maintenance agreements are welcome to download and upgrade to CostX® 2.50 for free at http://techweb.exactal.com/downloads/CostX/

For further information and new demonstration movies, visithttp://www.exactal.com/en/costx/videos/