Free CostX Viewer released

Exactal is pleased to announce the release of the free CostX® Viewer.

The CostX® Viewer works with Exactal Exchange Files (EXF’s) that are able to be generated from Version 2.60 onwards of CostX.

Using the CostX® Viewer, customers with CostX® can now send EXFs to their clients instead of paper reports or PDFs. The EXF neatly packages the drawings and costing information into a single compact file which can then be distributed to the client. Using the CostX® Viewer, the client can analyse the estimates by drilling down though the workbook detail. Using CostX’s unique bi-directional links, the client can now see exactly which part of the drawings relate to the costs.

The new CostX® Viewer can be downloaded for free at http://www.exactal.com/ and CostX® users can invite their clients to download free copies at https://www.itwocostx.com/en/costx/products/costx-viewer/

CostX® users can also upgrade to the latest version (2.62) directly from the Exactal Techweb site at http://techweb.exactal.com/downloads/CostX/ or contact their local distributor.