Exactal releases CostX 2.70

Exactal is pleased to announce the release of version 2.70 of CostX® and CostX® Viewer. After many months of in-house and field testing, this release of the product is the most comprehensive improvement to the product since version 2.50 which introduced its multi-user networking capabilities.

Some of the new extensions and improvements for this release include:

    • Further general speed improvements in the program and across networks
    • Ability to protect workbook cells from being changed ensuring that templates remain as issued if required
    • Zones on a project basis with standard zones across the system
    • Global constants
    • Global and project variables
    • Manual dimensions
    • Numerous reporting enhancements
    • New reporting keywords
    • Multi-lingual spell checker for workbooks
    • Find & replace for workbooks
    • Ability to measure directly from image files without converting to vector format
    • Further improvements when importing from Revit
    • Speed improvements rendering drawings especially on computers with dedicated video cards
    • Further support for drawing register information
    • Ability to place mark-ups on drawings and print or export them to PDF
    • Support for PDF layers

Exactal continues to improve the CostX® product line and 2.70 is an important step in ensuring CostX® retains its lead in integrating drawings with estimates.

Existing customers with maintenance agreements are welcome to download and upgrade to CostX® 2.70 for free at http://techweb.exactal.com/downloads/CostX/