Thom Micro Systems joins Exactal’s European Channel Partners

Please Note: Exactal now sells directly into Europe. Please contact us for more information.

Continuing to expand in Europe, Exactal is pleased to announce the appointment of Thom Micro Systems (TMS) as its latest addition to the European Channel Partner list.

TMS is a well established provider of solutions for the CAD, Business & IT requirements of companies in Scotland & the UK. The addition of CostX to their product range extends their solution coverage even further in the construction and estimating markets.

Mr Phil Lines from Exactal Europe welcomed the addition of TMS to the European Channel Partners commenting “TMS is a very well respected company with a long history of providing solid solutions to their customers. The addition of CostX® to the TMS product range has only taken place after a very careful review by TMS of it’s suitability to the market. We are delighted for such a respected company to place its faith in our product line.”

About Thom Micro Systems Limited
TMS was established in 1981 and has been providing IT solutions to small and medium enterprises in Scotland and the UK for over 25 years. They remain privately owned, self-financing and profitable with an average annual turnover of approximately £3.1m and have shown a profit every year.

TMS employ experts from a variety of different fields, including engineers, programmers and applications specialists. Staff turnover is low, which enables them to provide the element of continuity required for successful long term relationships. Further information on the company can be obtained from their web site at www.autorevitcad.co.uk