Exactal releases two new products and CostX version 2.82

Exactal is pleased to announce the release of version 2.82 of CostX®, its innovate takeoff and estimating software program. This latest version continues to enhance the product capabilities and includes:

  • Support for Windows XP 64bit & Vista 64bit
  • Support for Citrix thin client
  • New drag and drop support for codes and rates direct into the workbook
  • Ability to rename Dimension groups, Drawings, Workbooks, and Buildings as necessary
  • Further extensions to the subcontractor comparison module
  • Ability to calibrate DWF drawings

Version 2.82 of the CostX® network server now supports two new products which are also released today being CostX® Takeoff and CostXL.

CostX® Takeoff allows customers to mix and match licences that are only used for the takeoff component of CostX® with full CostX® licences providing takeoff and estimating. The capabilities and the interface remains the same as the existing measurement part of CostX®. Users with CostX® Takeoff can interact on a project in a multi-user environment as though they were using standard CostX® but at a significantly lower cost per seat.

CostXL is a brand new product that tightly integrates with Microsoft® Excel® to allow CostX® information to be used dynamically inside Excel® spreadsheets. CostXL has all the same drag and drop functionality as the workbooks inside CostX® and can even use the live links back to the drawing to show exactly what dimensions were used in the quantity. CostXL also has the unique capability to reference data from any building revision including relative revisions. Users can now create a spreadsheet that contains the dimensions, named cell values or workbook totals from CostX® across multiple revisions enabling more detailed analysis.

Using CostXL inside Excel®, a user can now use CostX® data to prepare cash flow analysis, life cycle cost, progress claims, sinking funds and other post contract requirements. Using a combination of CostX® Takeoff and CostXL, clients can now easily integrate a world class measurement system into their existing Excel® spreadsheets. CostXL ships with an example cash flow analysis spreadsheet which provides an excellent illustration of the power of this new product.

Exactal believe these two new products in combination with the new CostX® 2.82 release widens the appeal of CostX® to a whole new marketplace and allows new clients to take a gradual approach to the take up of a full CostX implementation.

Exactal will continue to enhance and expand the CostX® product line and this latest release provides a significant upgrade for our growing user base.

Further information on CostX Takeoff can be obtained at http://www.costxtakeoff.com and a demonstration video is available at http://techweb.exactal.com/resellers/demos.php

Further information on CostXL can be obtained from http://www.costxl.com

Existing customers with maintenance agreements are welcome to download CostX® 2.82 for free at http://techweb.exactal.com/downloads/search.php?product=111. Access to the download area will require the use of the CostX® serial number which can be obtained from the about screen.

Otherwise, please contact either Exactal direct or your local Exactal Channel Partner to obtain the latest copy.

CostX® is a registered trademark of Exactal Technologies Pty Ltd.
Microsoft® and Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.