CostX Version 3.21 Released

Exactal is pleased to announce the release of version 3.21 for its CostX® range of products. The 3.21 release is a general release for all customers and includes a number of significant speed improvements when dealing with drawings and especially when using large BIM models. Multi-user support has also been enhanced when multiple users are measuring from the same drawing at the same time.

Exactal continues to enhance the CostX® range with each new release and version 3.21 is recommended for all customers under maintenance as a free upgrade.

Customers with maintenance may download version 3.21 through Exactal’s dedicated support site TechWeb at http://techweb.exactal.com/downloads/search.php?product=P_5&rec_int=4. As soon as the type of product has been selected and your valid serial number entered the product may downloaded. Users may retrieve their serial number by copying the text from the about box for CostX®

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade is only valid for users under maintenance. Users who are not under maintenance but who would like to upgrade should contact Exactal Sales & Marketing Manager, Ms Chris Reilly, at sales.int@rib-software.com