Exactal Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

As of 31st October 2013, Exactal celebrated 10 years of excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

The first Exactal office was opened in Brisbane, Australia in October 2003, with the aim of developing software for the construction industry, and more specifically, integrating the estimating process with CAD drawing files. Although there were a few suppliers in the field at the time, Exactal’s approach in directly tying measurements to the elements in CAD drawings put it one step ahead of the others. This approach allowed Exactal to deliver unique bi-directional links between the estimate and the sections of the drawing represented; the combination of these two elements being known as Cost Geometry. The resulting product, CostX®, was released in July 2004.

Over the last ten years, both Exactal and the CostX® product range have evolved significantly. Exactal has now grown from that first office in Brisbane to seven offices in five countries worldwide. The second office to be opened was Exactal Europe Limited in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, in January 2008, followed by Exactal Pacific Limited in Auckland in December 2008, Exactal Limited (formerly Exactal Asia Limited) in Hong Kong in September 2010, and the final three offices, a second Australian office in Melbourne, a second UK office in London and Exactal (Singapore) Pte Ltd, all opened in 2012.

While initially the CostX® product range consisted of only the main product CostX®, it has since expanded over time to include CostX® 2D, CostX® Takeoff 2D, CostXL and most recently released earlier this year, CostX® Live. CostX® has gone from strength to strength over the years, most notably implementing BIM support in 2006, ahead of other estimating products on the market. Today, CostX®’s BIM & 2D takeoff is world-leading in the construction estimating software industry.

From the first sale in Australia, CostX® is now being used in over 60 countries around the world. From one-man-bands to huge international companies using CostX® in ten or more countries, the CostX® user list is expanding constantly and Exactal have sold over 3,000 licences since conception of the product.

CEO & Founder Mark Kefford says of the ten year milestone “Exactal has always looked to use innovation to create the best products for the market. When we originally created our 2D version we live linked CAD measurements to cost plan quantities; we then added revisioning so that a user didn’t have to measure the entire drawing every time. We followed that with an entirely new drawing engine that handles 2D and 3D drawings together. We continue to expand our investment in R&D which will ensure Exactal always stays at the forefront of innovation.”

Overall it has been a very successful ten years & Exactal looks forward to celebrating the 20 year milestone in 2023!

For further enquiries regarding CostX® and Exactal, please contact Exactal Sales via e-mail at sales.int@rib-software.com

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