Exactal Group Reaches Landmark with 15,000 Global Licences Sold

Exactal is delighted to announce that worldwide commercial licence sales recently passed 15,000 total units.

Licences have been purchased by clients in more than 80 countries since Exactal’s initial CostX® release in 2004. The breadth of products and functionalities on offer has grown significantly over these 15 years, and the current CostX® platform is widely recognised as a leading all-in-one solution for takeoff and estimating.

Exactal is operated from nine worldwide offices, ensuring that clients can always receive timely support from qualified product specialists and IT personnel. Innovation, client service and continuous product improvement are all guiding principles that continue to drive the growth of Exactal.

CEO Murray Freeman said of the news: “This achievement demonstrates the sustained positive trajectory of the Exactal brand, as well as the confidence that professionals worldwide continue to have in our products.”

“We’ve looked to diversify our range by introducing CostX® Benchmark in 2019, while still working tirelessly to improve our flagship CostX® platform. There will be more exciting developments from Exactal in the second half of the year, and we remain committed to ongoing product innovation as a member of the worldwide RIB Group.”

For further enquiries, please contact Exactal Sales via email at sales.int@rib-software.com.

About Exactal

Established in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 to develop software specifically for the quantity surveying and estimating market, Exactal has continued to expand its worldwide presence. It now has offices in Brisbane & Sydney in Australia, London in the UK, Auckland in New Zealand, Austin in the USA, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Dubai in the UAE and Singapore and Hong Kong. The company also has sales and channel partner support across much of the globe. The main product CostX® provides an integrated BIM and 2D on-screen measurement solution with a unique integration between the cost estimates and the elements on the drawing files that the estimate represents. This approach keeps estimates up to date and allows drawing revisions to be easily evaluated to eliminate traditional scope creep in construction projects. Exactal is an RIB Software Company.