Exactal Holds BIM Seminar in Hong Kong

We were so pleased to present our event ‘Implementing Viable BIM Solution into your Workflow’ on the 1st December in Hong Kong!

Held at the HKMA in Causeway Bay, we had three speakers from Exactal on the day; Sales Manager Kimberley Yang, Product Specialist Clarence Mak and Senior Support Engineer Kingston Fung. Each speaker was an expert in their particular topic, with the event held in Cantonese.

Firstly, Kimberley began the event by providing a short introduction to the company and also some notes about how BIM is being used by Quantity Surveyors and Estimators in other countries through the use of CostX®. It raised the question of how BIM could be introduced into the Hong Kong market.

Next up was Clarence who spoke on the topic of 5D BIM & the QS/Estimator: Why BIM? This covered the topic of estimating with BIM in the modern HK construction industry. Clarence started by going over the traditional processes of the QS, and then explored how BIM can be used to evolve the roles of the QS/Estimator in the construction chain. It also looked into what to do when you come up against challenges to implementing BIM.

Kingston was up next to present on Best Technical Set Up to Implement BIM, something that can often be overlooked. It was an important foray into the recommended hardware and IT set up, as well as the necessity of both local and flexible support. He also noted that while initial IT costs may seem high, the ROI produces cost and time savings quickly and therefore overall the gains can be extremely valuable.

Finally, Clarence finished off with a live demonstration of 5D BIM technology using CostX®, the leading 5D BIM software. This included showing how to import models, view the details and extract quantities in a variety of ways!

All the attendees enjoyed the session and we’ve already had several people interested in attending future similar sessions! Congratulations to our staff that helped with the success of this event, and thank you to all those that attended!

For further enquiries please contact Exactal Sales via e-mail at sales.int@rib-software.com

About Exactal

Established in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 to develop software specifically for the quantity surveying and estimating market, Exactal has continued to expand its worldwide presence. It now has offices in Brisbane & Melbourne in Australia, London & Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK, Auckland in New Zealand, Austin in the USA, and Singapore and Hong Kong. The company also has sales and channel partner support across much of the globe. The main product CostX® provides an integrated BIM and 2D on-screen measurement solution with a unique integration between the cost estimates and the elements on the drawing files that the estimate represents. This approach keeps estimates up to date and allows drawing revisions to be easily evaluated to eliminate traditional scope creep in construction projects.

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