Exactal joins with Dimtronix

Exactal is pleased to announce that as of 1st September 2012, the company is now a part of the Dimensioneering group of companies which also incorporates Dimtronix. The aim of Dimensioneering is to join the two companies, which share similar measurement technology, under the one umbrella with shared resources and goals. Exactal is looking forward to new opportunities and expanding the CostX® product range under the Dimensioneering group. On an operational level the Exactal Head Office will remain based in Brisbane, Australia, with all six Exactal offices worldwide continuing to function as usual.

CEO and Founder of Exactal, Mark Kefford, had this to say of the new company: “Exactal and Dimtronix have been using the same measurement base for a number of years. Joining the two companies together allows us to share development resources to the benefit of both companies. Joining with Dimtronix under the Dimensioneering name, we are now part of a larger company which manages measurement and estimating technology for all different types of requirements. This next step in our development will further ensure that we continue our international growth of the CostX® product range”.

If you are interested in receiving some more information on Dimensioneering you can visit their website at www.dimensioneering.com. For all other enquiries, please contact our International Sales Department on +61 7 3300 6222 or sales.int@rib-software.com.

About Exactal

Established in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 to develop software specifically for the quantity surveying and estimating market, Exactal has continued to expand its worldwide presence and now has not only two offices in Australia (with the second in Melbourne) but also offices in the UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, with sales and channel partner support across much of the globe. The main product CostX® provides a unique integration between the cost estimates and the elements on the CAD drawings that the estimate represents. This unique approach allows fast revisions of drawings to be easily handled and eliminates traditional scope creep in construction projects.

To read more news on Exactal please visit http://www.exactal.com/company/news/