Exactal Releases CostX® 2.20

Exactal is pleased to announce the release of CostX® 2.20.

CostX® 2.20 is a major release including many new features such as the ability to add views and import dimension information from an Autodesk Revit drawing, tie it to a rate library, and automatically generate an instant detailed cost plan.

Some of the other new features include:

full multisheet DWF support
trade to elemental workbook sorting (and vice versa) including rate and quantity breakdown analysis
building templates
filtering dimensions by zone
enhanced workbook integration with Excel
advanced import / export and significantly expanded reporting capabilities

CostX®‘s unique scope management capabilities have also been extended to support Autodesk Revit drawing revisions. New revisioning and comparison tools are also now included to further automate the revisioning process.

Existing customers with maintenance agreements are welcome to download and upgrade to CostX® 2.20 for free at http://techweb.exactal.com/downloads/CostX/

For further information and new demonstration movies, visit http://www.exactal.com/en/costx/videos/