Exactal Releases New Chinese Version of CostX

Exactal is very pleased to announce that we have released a Simplified Chinese version of CostX®, available for use immediately.

With the Chinese economy and construction industry developing rapidly, and with the increasing involvement of international firms in the Chinese market, demand has increased for a more efficient cost management system, especially one that is compatible with BIM. As such, the Exactal team has worked hard on developing this new version of CostX® to meet demand in this area.

The Simplified Chinese version of CostX® builds upon the Unicode compatibility that was added into CostX® Version 4.0, which made it possible to enter data using different characters, and the TranslateX functionality that was added into CostX® Version 6.0, which meant that customers could translate CostX® to whichever language they wanted independent of when Exactal released a language.

CostX® is an internationally known and used product, and with this comes the requirement to support different languages. The Simplified Chinese version is just the first in a range of translated versions of CostX® that are planned, which will aid further in Exactal’s international expansion.

In addition to the Simplified Chinese release, we have also launched a Simplified Chinese version of TechWeb for our Chinese-speaking clients. Clients can access this by going to http://techweb.exactal.com and clicking on the Chinese language option. There is also a Chinese version of the Exactal website coming very soon to make it even easier for clients and prospects to discover more about CostX® and how it will work for them.

CEO Murray Freeman states of the release “We are very excited about this new release of CostX® and the potential it has. With Mandarin being by far the most popular language in the world, and China being one of the most rapidly expanding construction centres internationally, we knew it was a necessity to push this release forward. With CostX® now available in two languages and more on the way, it further proves that Exactal is truly a worldwide company”.

Clients under maintenance that would like to switch to the Chinese version of CostX® may contact our Sales Team directly on sales.int@rib-software.com or contact us on our dedicated China phone number +86 400 120 9386.

About Exactal

Established in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 to develop software specifically for the quantity surveying and estimating market, Exactal has continued to expand its worldwide presence. It now has offices in Brisbane & Melbourne in Australia, London & Manchester in the UK, Auckland in New Zealand, Austin in the USA, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Singapore and Hong Kong. The company also has sales and channel partner support across much of the globe. The main product CostX® provides an integrated BIM and 2D on-screen measurement solution with a unique integration between the cost estimates and the elements on the drawing files that the estimate represents. This approach keeps estimates up to date and allows drawing revisions to be easily evaluated to eliminate traditional scope creep in construction projects.

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