Exactal Renames to RIB and Rebrands Product Range

We are pleased to announce new brand and product identities, designed to clarify our company position and messaging to the market.

Exactal will hereafter be known as RIB. The CostX® estimating platform has been renamed to iTWO costX®, while CostX® Benchmark is now known as iTWO benchmark. iTWO refers to RIB Software’s flagship cloud-based platform, which provides the world’s first enterprise cloud technology based on 5D BIM with AI integration for construction industries. The enterprise platform forms the basis of the MTWO Complete Construction Cloud, within which iTWO costX® and iTWO benchmark can be implemented. This rebrand allows our software suite to be aligned more closely to the existing range of RIB products.

Our company website can now be found at www.itwocostx.com. Rebranded product versions of iTWO costX® and iTWO benchmark will be made available to clients very soon. Changes to our software range are cosmetic only; users can expect to see different names and colour schemes, but there have been no other alterations made to our products that are known and trusted throughout the world by thousands of users.

Murray Freeman, CEO RIB Asia Pacific & Exactal Group, noted that the new corporate identity will be reflective of our status within the RIB Group and will allow for greater opportunities moving forward.

“This change has been driven by a need to consolidate our brand messaging. Our business became a 100 per cent subsidiary of RIB Software SE in early 2018, at which point we chose to continue operating under the Exactal brand to ease any doubts about our future operation and direction.”

“Our enterprise has seen consistent growth and uncovered valuable new opportunities since this acquisition. Since my appointment as CEO of RIB Asia Pacific we have integrated the operations for which I am responsible. As a result, we now believe the time is right to visibly align with RIB Software to better clarify our product range for our global client base and unify branding within the RIB Group.”

Mr. Freeman also reiterated that our new brand identity will not negatively impact any of our valued clients, many of whom are long-term users of our software solutions.

“The core values and operating principles of our business have not and will not change; we remain dedicated to the continued evolution of iTWO costX® and our broader product suite. We will be working closer than ever with our fellow RIB Group companies and with our customers to help support the Building and Infrastructure industries as they navigate their digital transformation journey.”

Tom Wolf, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of RIB Software SE, welcomed the decision for Exactal to align more visibly with RIB Group.

“Exactal has delivered significant value for the RIB Group since acquisition, both in terms of their class-leading software functionality and industry prominence, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“We are pleased that they will now be known as RIB, and look forward to their long-term contribution to RIB Software’s mission to deliver the next generation of living.”

A detailed page that answers anticipated rebrand queries can be viewed at the following link. For further enquiries, please contact RIB Sales via sales.int@rib-software.com.

About RIB Group

RIB Software SE is an innovator in the building and construction industry. The company develops and offers cutting-edge digital technologies for construction enterprises and projects across various industries worldwide. iTWO 4.0, RIB’s flagship cloud-based platform, provides the world’s first enterprise cloud technology based on 5D BIM with AI integration for construction companies, industrial companies, developers and project owners, etc. With over 50 years of experiences in the construction industry, RIB Software SE focusses on IT and engineering and becomes the pioneer in construction innovation, exploring and bringing in new thinking, new working methods and new technologies to enhance construction productivity. RIB is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and Hong Kong, China, and listed on the prime standard Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2011. With over 2,700 talents in more than 25 countries worldwide, RIB is targeting to transform the construction industry into the most advanced and digitalised industry in the 21st century.