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iTWO costX® File Compatibility

Fit your files into iTWO costX®

RIB often receives enquiries from architects and designers who work with clients using iTWO costX®, asking which file types iTWO costX® supports.

iTWO costX® supports a variety of BIM files including files from Revit, ArchiCAD, Microstation, Tekla, Mudshark, SketchUp & all other major BIM design packages.

iTWO costX® also supports a range of 2D drawings including CAD files, PDFs and scanned files such as JPGs, GIFs or TIFs.

Due to increased interest, RIB has created a document entitled the Drawing File Optimisation document, which explains how architects & designers can create files that best fit into iTWO costX®.

If you have clients using iTWO costX® and you would like to download the Drawing File Optimisation Document, please just enter your details in the form.

Download the Drawing File Optimisation Document

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