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Monitor and Revise Deadlines in Real-Time

In our industry, even the most comprehensive plans need to altered from time-to-time. iTWO cx is a highly configurable platform, allowing consultants to act quickly when plans or deadlines need to be changed at short notice. Updates on tasks and the schedule can be quickly applied and immediately synchronised to the corresponding departments for rapid reaction and execution.

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Establish Clear Processes for Contracting and Tenders

Establish Clear Processes for Contracting and Tenders

iTWO cx supports consultants looking to organise multiple project budgets together in real-time through dedicated Contract and Tender modules. Both features make it exceptionally easy to manage multiple workflows, communicate with relevant people and view financial information in as much detail as required.

Maintain a Lean and Transparent Workflow

Maintain a Lean and Transparent Workflow

Organisation is key to risk management in our industry. With iTWO cx, all documents and tasks are delivered and managed under one single platform on the cloud. This allows consultants to mitigate project risks at an early stage through a series of transparent, traceable and controllable workflows.

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