iTWO benchmark ( Version 1.8)

  • The introduction of a faster and more advanced report writer, offering a range of new options for viewing and exporting information. Improvements to the underlying engine mean that iTWO benchmark users can now generate complex reports up to five times faster than was previously possible.

    The Report Writer still supports Estimate, Average Estimate, Cost Benchmark, Functional Analysis and Functional Benchmark reports, with the first page of the chosen report showing on screen as soon as it is generated, while the remainder of the report continues to load. This provides a more streamlined workflow for report previewing, especially for those creating very large reports.

    From here, users can click the new Toggle Multipage Mode button in the toolbar to view multiple pages on the screen at once, as well as zoom in and out to change the page sizing as required. A Full Screen option that can easily be toggled on and off has been added, while new export options are also available in addition to the wide range of supported export formats.

    The export settings for various export formats can be easily configured from this new sidebar, providing many useful new options for each format. For example, this might include setting the image quality for PDF exports to reduce file size, or setting CSV file encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) to support characters from any language.

  • A new visual representation for excluded rows and values in historical estimates, with refinements made to improve clarity. Version 1.6 of iTWO benchmark introduced the ability to remove unnecessary data from calculations, and the latest update has refined the appearance of this feature.

    Users wishing to exclude a cell can hover their cursor over the cell in question, where a red border will appear. Once clicked, the text value will be displayed in red and highlighted with a strikethrough, to indicate that it is excluded from calculations.

    The same process is available for excluding entire rows, where the user can hover their cursor over the entire row and see everything but the Code column outlined in red, before clicking to exclude all data.

    In both cases, values in the parent row of the excluded row are also highlighted in red. This means that users can quickly identify which groups contain excluded rows to support complex cost benchmarking.

  • The ability for both System Administrators and User Administrators to assign or change roles, including their own. This change allows for an easier setup and management process for assigning roles, all of which have a specific set of permissions.

    All projects within iTWO benchmark must have either a System Administrator or a User Administrator designated. Either of these roles can access the Users page, click the Select a Role button and make changes as required. This process has been streamlined to be as simple and intuitive as possible for project coordinators.

  • Several speed and performance improvements have been applied since Version 1.7. Users are now able to retrieve data from the server quicker than before, particularly on complex pages. Users will also note enhanced database query performance, especially for large or complex queries.