It’s the best in the market that we have reviewed, in terms of ease of use and functionality for 2D and 3D take-off purposes.

— Gary Dowden, Preconstruction Director

BAM Construct UK

BAM Construct UK specialises in sustainable design, construction and facilities management. We are leaders in Building Information Modelling and take a whole lifecycle approach to creating, constructing and operating buildings.

The Project

BAM constantly looks for quality and ways of continuously improving our core processes and delivery. With better and more efficient options in the market for take-off, we explored several market leaders to see their current product, future vision and whether they were a fit with our collaborative way of working. CostX was easy to use, and their UK team were keen to learn and develop with us. Value for money was the final ingredient of deal we agreed.

The Outcome

The benefits of making the switch to CostX have been many.

  • Speed of initial quantification, once the basics are established
  • Valuation and variation management with supply chain
  • BoQ production timeframe and subsequent addendums
  • Accurate and detailed measurements can be produced exceptionally quickly compared to manual take-offs
  • Speed of use frees up time to spend on filling the gaps, reducing risk and maximising opportunity
  • Workbooks allow measures to link into sheets that can be used for most cost or value purpose
  • Once quants are linked between a Revit file and CostX, future amendments of the model/drawings can be done very quickly

We look for suppliers with whom we can collaborate and who can add value. We have formed a national CostX group that will meet every four months, and communicate in between times as well in order to implement CostX effectively and maximise the benefit of it.