CostX can be used to facilitate take off, counts and measurement directly from a model and the quantities can be directly linked to cost database. It increases the accuracy and reliability of the cost estimate and Bill of Quantities.

— Sr Amir.H Mehdipoor, Senior Vice President

BIM Management Practice Sdn Bhd

BIM Management Practice Sdn Bhd (BMP) aims to be the premium total integrated construction project delivery & consultancy firm with a focus on delivering smooth running projects with effective dispute management throughout the phases of development, construction and completion. BMP is a TIPD consultancy firm providing BIM Management, Project Management, Facilities Management, Claim and Dispute Management, Document Digitizing & Vendor Management and Training Courses.

The Project

BIM can help quantity surveyors speed up the estimating process. BIM influences the cost management functions and responsibilities of the quantity surveyor. With new BIM technology, the types of software that are currently used in quantity surveying offices is improved. In this case, we selected CostX as our 5D BIM Software.

The Outcome

CostX delivers a more efficient operational solution for quantity surveyors for cost estimating, with its ability to link the relevant quantities and cost information to the building model and update them simultaneously to design changes.