iTWO costX® is a valuable tool in supporting our BIM services, and using it extensively has allowed us to add value to our customer's projects. We believe that data and cost management is vital in taking the construction industry to the next level, and iTWO costX® is helping us to do just that.

— Joris Raaijmaakers , Founder


BIMstudio is a BIM consultancy firm that helps builders and developers fully execute their projects in BIM, as well as implement BIM into their workflows. The company’s uniqueness lies in its specialized BIM methodology catering to low-rise residential projects. Aiming to take BIM to the next level and bridge the gap between all disciplines in the construction process, such as Design, Sales & Procurement, and Construction, the firm has always been committed to creating tailored information for its clients, ranging from developers to builders.

The Project

We as a company believe that a big component of BIM is Information and Data management. iTWO costX® helps us extract tailored information from our 3D models and enables our clients to add 2D quantities as well. The biggest challenge we take on, especially in low-rise residential projects, is handling the sheer amount of different available design configurations available in the low-rise community, with there being more than 100 separate files compared to the limited large models for high-rise projects.

The Outcome

We were able to develop a method in iTWO costX® that efficiently handles the number of models and gives us a comprehensive insight and overview of our project data. The combination of being able to structure our extracted data and the automatic links to the estimation sheets have worked very well for us. There are always things we see as potential improvements to the software, but it looks like the RIB support team are always on the same page as us, which is why we are confident that our continued collaboration will foster positive results.