CostX has the shortest break-even I have seen for this type of software.

— Patrick Hanlon, Director

BQH Limited

BQH Limited is an independent quantity surveying firm based in Auckland New Zealand. They work to secure value-for-money in construction through cost planning, value management and project controls.

Making the Change

BQH Limited chose CostX after evaluating a range of competing products, including continuation of an existing system. The graphical measurement, 3D capability and ease of data transfer made CostX an obvious choice. CostX has delivered obvious efficiencies in cost planning and scheduling, but also in project control through enabling straightforward explanation of quantity sources and budget allocations, and in practice management by enabling fast establishment of project scale for fee calculations.

The Outcome

BQH Limited implemented a server-based CostX system and undertook initial training, followed by a refresher course after a period of use. Transition from the existing system to CostX was seamless and although both systems remain in place, CostX has become the preferred tool for all staff.

Examples of recent projects supported with CostX include:

  • Residential Subdivision, Auckland
    The brief included reporting commercial information in multiple cost centres relating to housing types and infrastructure. CostX supported the cost breakdown structure with zoning and cell naming tools. It supported efficient measurement using 3D DWFx files and 2D DWG files. The ability to explain allocation graphically on screen and with exported drawing mark-ups was invaluable.
  • Community Centre, Manukau
    This project was funded through charitable donations, consisting of cash, free-issue materials and discounted contracts. The CostX report presented schedules of quantities with multiple pricing columns (labour, material, plant, subcontract, overhead), which isolated costs for each funding type and assisted in negotiation of the main contract and discussions with donors.