CostX is the most powerful 2D and 3D combined estimating tool we have seen. Take off is simple and the estimate spreadsheet platform is easy to understand and customize. CostX technical support is one of the best I have ever worked with for on-going support and new version releases. I would highly recommend this program!

— Daniel Deter, Director of Pre-Construction

CMA Construction

CMA Construction was formed in 2013 by recruiting top professionals in the industry to come together specifically to help manage and implement a major campus expansion program at Liberty University. Liberty University is the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university in the world. CMA and Liberty University have entered into a long-term agreement to assist with preconstruction services and act as the constructor for all projects on campus.

The Project

We at CMA believe technology is a key component for our business. We have all but eliminated the use of paper drawings in our company by engaging and utilizing computer hardware, programs and electronic files. We rely heavily on our ability to react quickly and manage changes to the projects we build. Of all the systems we evaluated, we felt that CostX was the best fit for us. It “centralizes” our drawings, estimates and budgets for all team members to work with. The ability to work with 3D models has saved us time and is also a great tool for team coordination. We also use CostX in our presentations to clients to help them understand better the designer’s vision.

The Outcome

We had the benefit of using CostX from the start. We evaluated different systems and CostX was by far the best fit for our organization. We have cut take-off time down dramatically for projects. The “revisions” part of the system helps us manage multiple cost estimates as the project evolves. It is a large part of the integrated project delivery method we use and helps us manage both our design and helps keep track of the budget overall. We are working now to create and implement a “buyout” system that will be used in the CM delivery method that could be totally managed inside the CostX platform.