CostX Benchmark has assisted our business in streamlining our Cost Planning Process, and allows us to provide consistent, accurate cost plans and project budgets based on similar project types, sizes, and attributes, backed up by completed, current, and future project information.

— Karl Rigby, Estimating Manager


Erilyan are a commercial construction company focusing on the healthcare and commercial sectors where they are typically engaged by their repeat clientele at the ECI stage to provide budgets and design and planning services through to completion.

The Project
As we are often involved in the ECI phase with our clients projects, it is important to have ease of access to our previous projects of a similar nature, to ensure the Cost Planning budgets are consistent, and competitive based on actual projects. The take up and use of CostX Benchmark allows ease of converting our project budgets into a benchmarking system in the same format and program which minimises errors and allows for consistency.

The Outcome
The set-up process of Benchmark has been quite simple, between the initial run through, the Videos and Help Resources available, and on-site training and assistance we have been able to get Benchmark up and running quite easily.
This will allow us to be more accurate in our Early stage Cost planning and save time and resources by streamlining the process of finding similar, previous projects to ensure suitable and accurate project budgets are provided to our clients.