A platform for integrated project controls, CostX is an innovative software that allows for faster, more reliable and flexible use based on a company’s requirements.

— Mark de Jesus , Quantity Surveyor

HQS Cost Management

Established in 2005, HQS Cost Management Services provides comprehensive professional consultancy services for clients in the construction, civil engineering, energy, and oil and gas industries. These consultancy services range from pre and post-contract quantity surveying to cost management services, and there are always dedicated professionals to readily support clients in areas including cost management, independent peer review of project cost, and insurance valuations. HQS is strongly dedicated to ensuring an unparalleled level of quality, performance, and reliability in its services, as well as building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect with clients.

The Project

We wanted a solution that offered more user-friendly features in comparison to previous software solutions that we had implemented before.

The Outcome

While Excel and AutoCAD are widely used software in the construction industry, with many professionals being aware and proficient with their functions, CostX is a combination of both, enabling users to easily familiarize with their basic operations and quickly progress to more advanced levels. Exactal offers and maintains excellent customer support and readily follow ups to resolve any issues found or queried. In the past, we have had to simultaneously use three different software programs to complete one project, so a lot of time was wasted in transferring data from one program to another. Now, all work is uniformly carried out using CostX, making it a great fit for the entire company’s requirements, and we hope that the product continues to make advancements.