Using CostX in our office enabled us to produce accurate quantity take-offs on major international projects. CostX integrates well above expectation with the other systems and formats which we use within our business.

— Tim Walker, CoManaging Director

ICP Solutions

International Commercial And Project (ICP) Solutions was established in Perth, Western Australia, in order to provide commercial and project management services to operators, engineering consultants and contractors in the oil and gas, mining and civil engineering industries which operate in the global environment. Their senior management team has extensive experience on major international projects in the sectors they operate in. This knowledge enables them to work in geographically and culturally diverse environments. Through their software partners they are able to provide world class business systems to supports their clients’ needs.

Making the Change

As mentioned above, ICP Solutions has a wide variety of clients, varying from operators, engineering consultants and contractors in the oil and gas, mining and civil engineering industries. Under current market conditions and with most projects being fast tracked, ICP Solutions had the need for an effective measuring software package.

After assessing various measurement packages and reviewing positive comments from current personnel about CostX, we decided that CostX would be the best system for our business.

The Outcome

Benefits from using CostX in ICP Solutions office:

  • Saving time on cost estimating projects
  • Saving time on measuring projects
  • Easy accessible libraries
  • Good tender evaluation assessments
  • Management of subcontractors within the CostX system
  • Measurement of variations with minimal queries or disagreements on quantities
  • CostX integrates well above any expectation with our geographically and culturally diverse environments
  • Prompt technical query resolution

ICP Solutions has been engaged by the AIQS to present a measurement course and as part of the course, we will have a small presentation on CostX and the benefits of using CostX.