CostX saves time, and therefore makes projects more profitable.

— Gavin O'Neill, QS & Owner


Latchford Construction Cost Management was set up in May 2012 by Gavin O’Neill MCIOB, after 15 years working in some of Ireland’s premier Quantity Surveying companies. They aim to offer an affordable service to people who may not have considered quantity surveying services on a domestic project, or to assist builders who may not be able to afford a full time estimator/quantity surveyor. In particular, they deal with housing and apartments, from bank reporting to project management and the whole range of quantity surveying services.

Making the Change

Before CostX, we were using a well-known competitor product. CostX’s combination of a really good takeoff workspace, along with the measurement/drawing interface, makes it far more effective for me and my colleagues. That’s why we made the decision to switch.

The Outcome

With CostX I believe I am saving time on a constant basis in comparison with the more cumbersome User Interface of our old system. Implementing CostX has bought many benefits, including speed and for the first time, truly paperless projects. As a result of implementing CostX, we can now show clients and design team colleagues exactly what’s taken off. We can also take on larger scale projects. It’s enjoyable to use, very clear and easy to follow, plus takeoffs can be reviewed and adjusted on-screen.