Fast, effective and easy to use; CostX will improve your companies approach to measurement, with your time spent working being more productive than ever before.

— Matthew Steggall, Quantity Surveyor


Measur are based in London and are specialists in quantity surveying and project management. Their expertise includes the retail, commercial, education and residential sectors, working with leading London architects and designers. They aim to ensure the success of their projects by providing an objective, thorough and proactive service carried out with professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm.

Making the Change

Before CostX, we were using Adobe Professional’s measuring tool, or doing take offs by scale rule which is very time consuming. We were looking for a faster software that could take multiple measurements from one dimension, as previously we’d have to constantly remeasure the same dimensions to ascertain areas, length, perimeters etc. After online research, we chose CostX.

The Outcome

The main benefit from implementing CostX is the time saving that can be achieved on large scale takes offs. We carry out early stage cost plans on some large scale projects (up to £20m), and the time saved on measurement is significant compared to the software we were using previously. As we’ve implemented the network version of CostX, we have the server software and a log-in for each user, which means that when anyone is working from home they can still access the software and carry out the measurements that are required in our day to day roles as quantity surveyors. In time, we plan to develop ourselves into projects that involve BIM modelling as CostX has this capability, something that we haven’t been involved with previously.