CostX has improved Newton Kerr and Partners’ ability to accurately and efficiently carry out the high-level service we strive to provide for our clients.

— Jamin Crawley, Director

Newton Kerr + Partners

Newton Kerr And Partners accomplished team has collective experience in all aspects of quantity surveying and construction cost consulting; including contracts, costs and construction techniques. Their skill set covers every project phase; from schematic design, design development and contract documentation, to contract administration and post construction. Their diverse and comprehensive abilities enable them to deliver economical and timely solutions on all building projects.

Making the Change

At Newton Kerr and Partners, we always aim to provide the most efficient and accurate service possible for our clients. Our previous software systems were not adequately meeting our requirements for efficiency, ease of use, reliability and adaptability to a broad range of client requirements.

The Outcome

Adopting CostX as our primary Quantity Surveying software has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our service, and our staff are happier with the software compared to other systems. In our opinion, the on-screen measurement is better than other software systems we tested, and allows for improved cross-checking of our work. CostX has integrated seamlessly into our network, with no concerns over reliability or stability. We are pleased with the adaptability of the presentation and formatting of reports, and the ability to export and import to and from other software systems. Using CostX ensures we are able to work with the latest architectural software, and we have access to support when required.

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