CostX has proven to exceed our expectations from the original demo and research. The service that we have received from the Exactal team is top notch and very fast.

— John Delavan, Vice-President of Preconstruction

Riley Construction

Riley Construction was founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1965 by Charles N. Riley- who laid the foundation for an organization dedicated to quality workmanship and personalized service, emphasizing the importance of education and practical experience. Now one of the largest construction firms in Wisconsin and Illinois, Riley Construction provides a complete range of construction services- employing over 200 industry experts in both field and office positions, and maintaining an annual construction volume of $165-200 million annually. With three offices strategically located in the Chicago – Milwaukee corridor, Riley Construction has built strong and loyal customer relationships throughout the company’s regional communities and markets.

The Project

Riley Construction continues to look to advance our efficiency and accuracy through using improved technology. This means that staying current with the times is crucial for our success. CostX software has a unique platform that is different from the other leading estimating software providers. The three big factors that made the decision for Riley was: 1. Flexibility 2. Accuracy at all stages of estimates 3. 2D & 3D integration. The workbooks are extremely flexible to provide estimates at all stages of design from conceptual to detailed trade estimates. CostX software has the ability to provide highly detailed budgets in an extremely flexible format through the use of “smart” rates. In addition to the versatility of the software, the speed of takeoff from 2D and 3D stood out among its competitors.

The Outcome

The implementation time of CostX has been a fraction of what has been required in the past due to the simplicity of the setup. Also, end user education is much simpler with website tutorials and a simple more user-friendly interface. In the past, Riley had to have several formats for different estimate types from budgets to detailed estimates; with CostX, we now have one format that works for both. This allows us to be more efficient with less training required on the software. Also, we are able to go from 6 custom reports to only needing 3 custom reports. Our future efforts with implementation is taking it to the next step with the Architects for working with 3D models.