CostX has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our service, with the transition from our old system being seamless.

— Grahame Wrobel, Founding Director

Steele Wrobel

Steele Wrobel is a Quantity Surveying company aiming to deliver traditional cost management services to the highest standard possible. While staying at the forefront of technological and service developments, their focus remains on delivering measurable benefits for their clients on every commission. They achieve this result by ensuring the “hands on” experience of their Directors and Senior Personnel in the delivery of their services. Since the firm was established in 2002, Steele Wrobel has continued to grow and strengthen within the Queensland market and has provided successful cost management services on a number of significant projects.

Making the Change

We found our existing measurement and costplanning tools were lagging behind in technological advancement. In assessing what we required and the current market solutions, we found CostX met our needs in regards to ease of implementation, usability and accuracy. CostX has delivered obvious efficiencies in cost planning and measurement, and has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our service, with easier bulk checking, version control and project collaboration benefits.

Keeping abreast of available technologies so our staff can work to maximum efficiency and accuracy is paramount to our focus of exceeding our client’s expectations. With the inevitable project data movement to electronic data, ability to view and measure on-screen has become necessary and efficient in terms of time and paper use. Also, with government and major institution clients using/moving toward BIM technology, we found the decision to ultimately utilise CostX was straightforward.

The Outcome

Steele Wrobel implemented a server-based CostX system with regional offices operating individual versions. The transition from the existing system to CostX was seamless and although both systems remain in place, CostX has become the preferred tool internally and is increasingly becoming the preferred tool of many of our clients.