I highly recommend you get a demonstration of CostX.

— David Palmer, Owner & Estimator

The Estimating Department

The Estimating Department was established in Perth, Western Australia, with David Palmer at the helm. David is a quantity surveyor with more than 30 years’ experience in all stages of construction management and cost control, including everything from marketing and procurement to elemental cost planning, project evaluation, analytical estimating, project administration and post project account settlement. The company was established to provide take-off and costing services to the construction industry. Using the latest computer software, on screen take-offs from digital drawings and an extensive library of local construction costs, David is able to apply an effective and efficient service.

Making the Change

Of the leading estimating software packages available in the market today, CostX has a distinct edge as it successfully ties in all the vital components I see as essential to my role as a manager and estimator:

  • Ability to increase team productivity
    Calibrate the drawings and you are ready to quickly take off quantities based on a structured and organised dimension group system.
  • Individual and composite rate libraries
    Build an inter-linked hierarchy of base materials, equipment, labour productivities and composite rate libraries, and then use them on your own take-offs, or on imported BQ measurements.
  • Generate workbooks straight from dimension groups
    Semi-automated measuring and pricing enables your named dimension groups to be intuitively matched with corresponding rate library items.
  • Show dimension groups / rate build ups
    CostX provides an outstanding audit trail of dimensions, rates and prices – you can drill down to measurements, drawings, or rate build-ups with a mouse click to see how the estimate has been prepared.
  • Version management
    Use multiple workbooks to keep all the versions of the project in one place – revise and update a cost plan, tender or estimate as it evolves and changes, without losing the history.
  • Workbook grouped by code
    Project procurement can be up and running very quickly – using the “generate workbook” feature to prepare detailed procurement registers and materials pick lists, or to create a management report or client breakdown.
  • Revised drawings and dimensions
    The powerful drawing revision and update system is an indispensable post-contract management tool. It can provide reports that clearly demonstrate to your clients where changes occur and how they affect the costs in your bid.
The Outcome

Without exception every client I have worked with has been impressed with the power and potential of the software.

From the strength of the report suite, the organisation and control of tender information, the usefulness of the product is excellent; and not just for estimating – it is also a powerful tool for cost planning, cost tracking, budget breakdowns, procurement and for keeping tabs on variations and changes.