CostX is a game changer for the modern consultancy service. The ability to be able to capture 100% of the design direct from the 3D model and live link those quantities direct to your estimate, creates transparency in the quality of Turner & Townsend’s service. Which in turn gives greater commercial confidences to our clients.

— Callum Agnew, Associate Director (Asia)

Turner & Townsend

Turner & Townsend is a leading global programme management and construction consultancy that supports organisations that invest in, own and operate assets. Working from 90 offices in 130 countries, they work on projects across the property, infrastructure and natural resources sectors worldwide. They assist organisations by managing risk while maximising value and performance during the construction and operation of their assets.

The Project

Turner & Townsend’s client entered into a dual FEED study with two international consortia of engineering companies to provide competitive FEED designs for the FLNG. Part of the FEED deliverables from each consortium was the development of a Bill of Approximate Quantities at the end of the FEED study that would be used by the clients estimating group to provide an independent estimate of the two FEED designs.

The client’s challenge was to ensure that the BOAQ represented as close as possible the completed scope of the development as the BOAQ would be an integral part of the development of the project value for Sanction. It was therefore paramount that the BOAQ was as accurate as possible. The client requested Turner & Townsend to validate and agree with the FEED Contractor’s the quantities developed to provide assurance to the client on the quantities contained in the BOAQ’s.

The Outcome

Turner & Townsend provided a team to carry out the following in order to fulfil the client’s requirements:

  • Establish a sound Method of Measurement, based on industry best practice, which will be issued to all FEED contractors to ensure consistency for the BOAQ quantity development from all FEED tenderers. As part of the FEED deliverable, all FEED tenderers were required to submit their BOAQ in CostX native workbook format.
  • Develop a Code of Accounts and a Work Breakdown Structure with standard estimate templates in CostX for inclusion into the FEED ITT.
  • Assist in developing the 3D model Structure and Object Parameter Protocols that will enable expedient electronic harvesting using CostX on the FEED Tenderers 3D models.
  • Develop a milestone program including the required deliverable outputs to be extracted from the 3D model to be included in the FEED ITT.
  • Provide CostX training and support to client personnel as at the end of the commission Turner & Townsend gave the client a CostX export of the BOAQ which meant the client had a complete interactive, live linked BOAQ.

By using CostX, Turner & Townsend were able to support the client in the validation and development of robust BOAQ’s and control estimates that provided transparency and confidence in the estimated cost of the project. This ensured that the Scope of Works was fully reflected, which will lead to a properly managed project with efficient contract administration.