CostX Benchmark not only saves time in compiling benchmarking data, but also provides a platform to sort and use that data easily and efficiently.

— Nick Wallace, Senior Associate at Wilde and Woollard

Wilde & Woollard

The practice of Wilde and Woollard has its origins in Melbourne dating from 1963 and now includes offices in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Since 1963, Wilde and Woollard have built a strong reputation for quality performance, innovative solutions, flexibility and lateral thinking. Each interstate practice is supported by qualified staff and the close working relationship between practices enables us to draw on the specific expertise of others as required. We have developed around us a competent and successful team actively committed to providing the client with the best possible cost management services and solutions.

The Project

Wilde and Woollard chose CostX Benchmark to streamline our benchmarking processes and coordinate benchmarking between offices around the country.

The Outcome

Once implemented, CostX Benchmark has been easy to use. It allows us to input data from a wide range of project types and offers organised fields to sort and search our data, making the benchmarking process far more useful and accurate.