CostX has helped us to improve our tendering efficiency. It has also enabled us to effectively work in both 2D and 3D models and integrate BIM modelling.

— Kevan Throgmorton, Senior Commercial Manager

Williams Southern Limited

Williams Southern Limited are one of the leading specialist retail and forecourt construction contractors in the UK. They operate on the principles of honesty and integrity, & for nearly 40 years their highly skilled and motivated team have been delivering excellence in quality, safety and customer satisfaction to a loyal client portfolio. They have over one hundred employees; thirty based at their self-built head office in Plymouth, with dozens more partnering sub-contractors and specialists supporting our teams onsite, all over the UK.

Making the Change

We were previously using competitor software, though not to its full capability. We implemented CostX due to a client led initiative to integrate BIM within their costing process. The client recommended CostX; we researched other products but came to the conclusion that CostX was best suited to our needs as well.

The Outcome

We currently use CostX on the retail side of the business. At the moment, we are only using it with one BIM-compatible client, but once CostX is up and running fully we will be rolling it out to our other clients and also the other side of our business. The software was easy to install – we are using the Network and the Portable versions which are both running well. We took advantage of the basic online training from CostX and also arranged a one day in-house training session. The in-house training was hugely beneficial; we also involved QS’s from our clients to ensure everyone had the same level of training. Implementing CostX has provided clearer definition to our tendering and measures for 2D, 3D and BIM modelling, plus it has greatly assisted with our integration of BIM within the business. In terms of our future plans, we are looking to use CostX with other retail clients and also introduce it across our other alliance client work streams.