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Manage Schedules and Prioritise Tasks

Effective scheduling is of critical importance to contractors, and iTWO cx supports team leaders striving for the best possible outcomes. To-do lists and all correspondence can be seamlessly organised and prioritised through email-based notification with alerts to ensure on-time delivery. All histories are recorded for documents and can be accessed as complete records.

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Keep Connected While Onsite

Keep Connected While Onsite

The iTWO cx Mobile application for smartphone or tablet makes it simple to access and distribute information to resolve issues while in the field. Contractors can create, view, issue and respond to documents, histories and associated forms onsite, ensuring no time is wasted in completing project milestones.

Access Real-Time Statuses with Ease

Access Real-Time Statuses with Ease

Our cloud collaboration platform enables real-time progress updates and document sharing between suppliers, engineers, onsite teams and management. Data is synchronised in real-time and can be made available to relevant stakeholders anytime and anywhere. With all team members coordinated and able to access the same information, contractors can effectively manage workloads and avoid unnecessary work and rework.

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