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iTWO cx Export Request

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    The Archive Phase

    This is a read-only phase, allowing access to your project, but without the ability to create new data . This phase will remain until the export is supplied to your project. The data is as it was while your project was live (in Construction), although no communicative documents can be initiated, and no documents can be uploaded. The project will remain in the Archive phase during the creation of all requested data Exports.

    The Export Process

    When Construction/Defects phase is completed and the project is placed into Archive Phase, an Export of all the data your Company had access to online will be available i.e. all documents that anyone from your company was named on throughout the life of the project. Exports are also made available to any other Companies associated with your project, although their data will be restricted to their own company. The data will be supplied via an appropriate media format, which, depending on the amount and type of data, will either be a USB, DVD, BluRay disc, or External Pocket Drive (2.5” HD). The data will be encrypted
    and sent in an Australian Post Express Postbag. RIB Software will issue a secure password that will be emailed to you separately.

    What are the costs related to receiving an Export?

    The administration fees associated with receiving an Export are to cover the costs of:

    • extraction of data from our servers
    • compilation of data and production of Export
    • relevant media format (USB, DVD, BluRay disc or External Pocket Drive)
    • postage and handling
    What if you choose not to proceed with an Export during the Project Closure Process?

    Should an export not be ordered during the Archive phase but be required in the future after the project has been closed, the project data will need to be re-compiled from our servers. This process demands a significant investment of time and resources
    and would subsequently be associated with a more substantial fee versus ordering an Export during the Project Closure Process.

    The Closed Phase

    The phase will change from “Archive” to “Closed” once the exports are produced. The project and its associated data will not be accessible once this phase change occurs, and users will be unable to log in to the project. Therefore, if an auditable, legal
    record of the project’s history is required, it is recommended an Export of the data is obtained.